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The World's 1st Automated Wash Machine For Motorcycles

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Why Choose Bike Spa?

Bike wash is a revolutionary fully automated washing and drying system for motorcycles, bikes and scooters, which will make your business more competitive, innovative, marketable, and complete.

Owing to the dense development around the globe and the trend of energy saving, the two-wheeled vehicles market continue to expand. To provide a convenient way, as well as fast and safe space of washing, for the motorbike users, a fully-automated wash machine is believed as a necessary service.

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Wash your Bike. Simple

Bike Wash Solution Is A Revolutionary Fully Automated Washing And Drying System For Motorcycles

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“Since we added the Bike Spa to my Car wash, it brought us many new clients to wash their bikes, and their wives came for their cars as well”


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