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  • The Bike Spa unit will be a value added to your business and will attract a huge new market to you.

  • Plug N' Play - Our machine is one unit, we deliver it ready as one unit assembled, very simple to install, no infrastructures are needed.

  • Machine can be mobile, you can take the machine on a trailer to race tracks, clients and trade shows (machine has also water tank inside)

  • ROI - Fast return your investment in a few months

  • A wide Target Audience: Car wash/gas stations/motorcycles Dealers/distributors, rental shops and more.

  • ECO friendly

  • And many more advantages...


Machine size (L x W x H) 

Washing room 3330x1800x2270 mm 

18 multiple-use jet

Washing time per vehicle Pure water jet cleaning: 40 sec

Multi-stage cleaning: ~150 sec 

Weight 1,340 kg / 2,954 lb

Power consumption 4.125 kW

Power supply 3 Phase 220/380V     *can be 1 phase*

5.5 / 8 HP

Ultra bright LED light
10" HMI Touch screen 
Water waste collector - below the machine


* Machine can be customized for clients requests (Offer private label)

* Machine can be Mobile, fits to regular trailer

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