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business opportunity

• Exceptional ROI guaranteed
• Low operation costs
• Indirect Incomes
• Elevates the service level of your business​ ​

• ECO friendly machine

No Special installation is needed 

Machine ready to wash (PLUG N' PLAY)


  • Car wash

  • Gas station

  • Motorcycle dealership

  • Motorcycle rental shop

  • Motorcycle manufacturer 

  • Garage

  • Malls

  • Entrepreneur 

  • Fleets



If you own one of the above, or would like to start one, add the Bike Spa machine and enjoy minimum *30% increase in traffic, revenues and profits.

The BIKE SPA machine can be also mobile, on a simple trailer.

Attract thousands of new clients around you, that have no other solution for a bike wash, be the first and only in your area.

The BIKE SPA team will help and support you in all marketing and publicity phases.

Contact us today and join the success! 


*based on worldwide case studies

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All Videos

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Bike Spa in Trade shows & Exhibitions Worldwide 

Eicma Italy
International carwash association
the car wash show
automechanika frankfurt germany
Intermot Germany
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